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Il-bejgħ tal-perli jidħol fl-era tal-live streaming

Ħin: 2023-07-19 Viżti: 9

In the past few years, China's perla industry accounted for a relatively high proportion of exports. However, affected by the epidemic at the beginning of2020, the sales volume of the pearl market dropped significantly.


Just as these pearl sellers were in a hurry, live streaming sales appeared. Unexpectedly, live streaming quickly ignited domestic pearl sales, and pearl prices generallyżdied.


ZhujiIntegrity Pearl Co., Ltd. received over 500 orders through TikTok live streaming on July 19, 2023. In order to enable consumers to receive their desired products as soon as possible, our company's employees and cooperative express delivery are making every effort to package and ship them barra. 

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